We started our venture with aircooled classics simply by getting one – a 3.0 SC 911 to be precise – in order to restore it to it’s factory condition.

One of the nuances in a car restoration process is a proper technical information on the car presented in the form of tehcnical stickers.  It soon turned out that not all technical stickers, beeing a replaceable parts, are available on the market, whereas others are missing the quality and attachement to details.

That is how our technical stickers parts came into being. In a relatively short time it went from a 3.0 engine bay set to over 200 technical stickers for an array of models and versions.

Over the years we have been learning, testing and specializing in different aspects of classic air cooled cars restorations, improvements and numerous custom products.

Our strength has always been an unconventional approach to a project.

Not only do we rebuild and restore elfers to a factory condition but we also specialize in building custom parts, interior elements and create unseen designs of the whole builds.

We have been introducing a series of proprietary products, that have been designed, prototyped and produced by us; CarBone R-door cards, Redrum floor cover, CarBone floor mats sets, CarBone 964 A/C panel, CarBone Roof Rack and many, many more.

Not only a workshop but also a design studio.

In CarBone it all starts with the design. We help our clients to find best satisfying solutions, match their needs and likings and find great compositions and unique builds in terms of visual and mechanical aspects.

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SYNKRO PRZEMYSŁAW BOROWCZYŃSKI, PAWEŁ KALINOWSKI SP. J. realizuje projekt dofinansowany z RPO WŁ na lata 2014-2020 “ROZWÓJ FIRMY POPRZEZ WDROŻENIE NOWEGO MODELU BIZNESOWEGO”. Celem projektu jest wzrost przychodów z eksportu. Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 299 997,47. Numer umowy: RPLD.02.02.01-10-0068/18-00