Petrolicious collaboration

Carbone Porsche Posters at Petrolicious shop
Do you know anyone who doesn’t recognize Petrolicious? I don’t think so. They create quality, original videos and articles about classic cars, top automotive brands for classic cars enthusiasts. The publications often carry nostalgic stories about forgotten car brands, models, they perfectly grasp the beauty of classic motoring. These are true stories that always win.

Yoda from Sweden

Carbone Porsche 911 2.7 G model targa Yoda restoration
Yoda from Sweden. One day you realize Porsche you drive could be better. It could be “a little bit more” (again). This ‘76 911 targa arrived late autumn 2017. It’s a RoW car from Sweden. Painted a few times in the era these cars were cheap. I mean badly restored. Our task? Simple, bring it back to its glory.