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In the last ten years, Bra classic & sports cars GmbH had of lot of customers with shifting problems caused by the imprecise shifting mechanism, where replacements of the shift rod coupling, the guide ring and the ball socket only led to minor improvements. Depending on the vehicle and the driver, switching problems also occurred repeatedly during heavy braking and fast cornering.

Therefore, they took a close look at the problem. Idea was not to shorten the shifting distance and thus merely covering up the existing problems, but rather to preserve the originality of the shifting mechanism as much as possible and to achieve the desired precision.


The SWGN15 kit we developed for the G models with a 915 transmission contains the following parts:

1. A precision cross joint, which is 1:1 installation-compatible with the original coupling between transmission and shift rod and which not only works largely free of play, but also keeps the shifting rod free of tension during vertical and horizontal movement of the drive train

2. An uniball joint, which is installation-compatible with the original sheet metal angle / friction ring manufactured in accordance with aviation specs, in which a precision sleeve runs, which is pushed onto the original shift rod. The spherical reception of the shift rod allows maximum angular compensation f the same.

3. An original ball socket (OEM part)

4. A leg spring, which is inserted into the original gearshift bracket and which ensures that the gear lever – while not being touched – is always positioned on the line between the 3rd and 4th gear. You can shift to 1st and 2nd gears applying slight pressure to the left, and to 5th and reverse gear as usual, but with the advantage that when shifting from 5th to the 4th now, it will take you automatically to 4th and you won’t have to search for it.

5. A tube for bearing grease for the lubrication of the components

6. Aid for mounting for the Uniball joint underneath the gearshift bracket


The BRA Schaltwerk kit has already been installed in the cars of Bra classic & sports cars GmbH regular customers and extensively tested by them before the market launch.

Enthusiasm over minimal play on the gear lever with unprecedented precision is the unanimous reaction.

For customers who only rarely drive their G model, the conversion from their modern vehicle to the air cooled one has become much simpler. There are no more problems with gear shifting or shifting errors in the ever-new adaptation phase. This makes dealing with this beloved classic much more relaxed and it protects the gearbox.

The ambitious sports car drivers among our customers are happy about safe and precise gear shifting, even during fast cornering and sharp braking. It is now simply fun to choose the optimum gear for performance and stability of the driving behavi

Attention! A defective gearbox can not be repaired with the best gear shift guide.

Installation guide comes with product in form of access code to manufacturer webside.

* above text is property of Bra classic & sports cars GmbH 2017

We do not keep the items on stock yet so please excuse us the waiting time until we receive parts from supplier.

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