A flat 6 love affair book by Bart Kuykens

A Flat 6 Love Affair vol. 3. Book by Bart Kuykens


“A Flat 6 Love Affair” is the 3rd edition of Bart Kuykens book which contains 336 pages of Black & White pictures and Porsche enthusiasts profiles. Limited edition, 911 copies (numbered and signed).

Book details:
336 pages
Black & White
Limited edition, 911 copies (numbered and signed)
Forewords by Sera Trimble, Rob Dickinson and Lee Sibley


Paloma Picasso, Marc de Siebenthal, Hans Mezger, Aloïs Ruf, Nakul Dewan, Norbert Singer, Antoine Pex, Tom Boonen, Dominique Franssens, Milan Quadens, Rainer Buchmann, André & Corlandi Bezuidenhout, Laurent Willaerts, Michel Mullenders, Arjan Rietveld, JB Melkebeke, Jasmin Tolma, JFD Collection, Sandrine Arni, Tom Stegemann, Bas van Werven, Jaime Colsa, Marc Leveau, Rik ten Napel, Wesley Joosten, Yvette Houtgraaf, Dominique Rambeloson, Erwin Jansegers, Stephane Girault.


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