CarBone Bi-LED Headlights

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Our CarBone Bi-LED headlights are designed to make a classic air-cooled eleven a more modern and safe car significantly improving the driver’s field of view with a bright and sharp beam pattern. The main advantages of the Bi-LED modules are quick start without illumination, eye-friendly, intense white light with even distribution. LED floodlights are safe and ecological. The quality of lighting in LED technology together with all the electronics and components is packed in unprecedented compact dimensions. The new headlights are composed of high quality lenses widely used by Japanese car manufacturers and original “E” marked Hella lenses.

CarBone headlights is designed for older 911 models. Headlights are direct plug and play with H4 sockets, which means there aren’t any modifications needed. The headlights are leveled traditionally using screws on the outer ring of the lamp, the same way the headlights in F and G models are adjusted. They don’t work with the electric leveling system of a 964.

Until now, LED low beam and high beam lights were implemented using two separate projectors. Our new Bi-LED system is one projector, one diode and a movable diaphragm (as in bixenon projectors) implementing low and high beam lights.


Bi-LED advantages:

  • easy of instalation
  • low weight
  • easy assembly system without modification to H7 and H4 sockets
  • high reliability (no need to periodically replace filaments etc)
  • white emission spectrum (5500k)
  • modern and advanced device
  • high light brightness (according to some estimates, twice as bright as conventional xenon modules and much brighter halogen light)
  • uniform lighting area
  • low energy consumption (battery saving and fuel consumption)


Power: 36W
Light intensity up to 4800LM
Color temperature: 5500K
Operating temperature range from -40 * C to + 85 * C


For Porsche 911 models:
F-model (1964-1973)
G-model (1974-1989)
964 model (1989-1994)

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