Phone pocket – wireless charging

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Can’t find the right place for your phone? Hate USB cables and constantly unplugging lighter chargers? Use our Phone pocket which not only does store your phone in an ergonomically perfect place but also CHARGES it without any wires being visible.
The pocket is installed on the door cards, with a hiden inductive charger in an empty door space. The charger is plugged into a power windows harness. If you don’t have power windows in your car it can be easily wired to a car’s ignition switch. For more information on installation watch our video:
The pocket fits eg. latest iPhones 12 Pro Max, with some basic bumpers. It was designed to perfectly fit Porsche 911 door cards but it can be surely adapted on other classic cars.

The charger’s shape is designed to accommodate easily in classic Porsche 911 door but it can surely be adapted on other classic cars. The pocket fits eg. latest iPhones 12 Pro Max in it, with some basic bumpers.
Inside diameters:
Depth – 12 cm
Width – 8,5 cm
Thickness – 2 cm

See how easy it is to install it in a G model. You can do it yourself. 



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